Introducing Senheng Point & Place ®

We recently partnered with Eyekandy, the leading provider of Augmented Reality solutions for retail, to add exciting new functionality to our product pages that allows you to promote your products in Augmented Reality (AR). This means shoppers can see how your products will look in their home, to actual size, prior to purchase, which has been shown to have a significant uplift on sales and reduction in returns.

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What is the Point & Place ® AR Shopping Platform?

The Point & Place® AR shopping platform makes it easy for you to add AR and 3D models to our product pages. Eyekandy produce both an AR and a 3D model of your product and they don’t need the physical product to create the models.

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How do you move forward?

1) Choose which products you want to promote with AR

2) Provide Eyekandy with the product imagery

We do the rest

There is a cost to the service but we are confident that you will increase conversion and we will be actively running A/B tests to show the impact. Please contact Eyekandy at to request a call.