7.7 flash sales 7.7 flash sales
7.7 digital gadgets 7.7 digital gadgets
  1. HONOR Magic Earbuds
    Special Price RM249.00 Regular Price RM349.00
7.7 washing machine 7.7 washing machine
  1. LG 8kg Front Load Washer with 6 motion Direct Drive LG-WDMD8000WM
    80% of 100
    Special Price RM1,599.00 Regular Price RM2,329.00
7.7 home entertainment 7.7 home entertainment
7.7 home appliances 7.7 home appliances
  1. Haier 516L 4 Door Inverter Refrigerator HAI-HRFIG525AMGB
    100% of 100
    Special Price RM3,299.00 Regular Price RM4,239.00
  2. Haier 152L Single Door Fridge HAI-HR165H
    Special Price RM789.00 Regular Price RM799.00
  3. Toshiba 249L Chest Freezer with 2 in 1 Function CRA249M
    Special Price RM1,305.00 Regular Price RM1,399.00
  4. LG 8kg Front Load Washer with 6 motion Direct Drive LG-WDMD8000WM
    80% of 100
    Special Price RM1,599.00 Regular Price RM2,329.00
7.7 kitchen appliances 7.7 kitchen appliances
  1. Beko Cooker Hood BKO-HCB93042X
    Special Price RM1,409.00 Regular Price RM1,959.00
  2. Electrolux Cooker Hood ELE-EFC922GAK
    Special Price RM1,855.00 Regular Price RM2,479.00
  3. Panasonic 20L Microwave Oven PSN-NNST25JB
    Special Price RM367.00 Regular Price RM419.00
  4. Samsung 23L Solo Microwave Oven with Quick Defrost MS23K3513AK/SM
    100% of 100
    Special Price RM379.00 Regular Price RM419.00
  5. Tuscani Wine Cooler Bellona (32 Bottles) TSC BELLONA 38(D)
    Special Price RM2,449.00 Regular Price RM2,899.00
  6. Electrolux Cooker Hood EFT9516X
    Special Price RM845.00 Regular Price RM1,209.00
  7. Robam Electric Hob W 211
    Special Price RM2,129.00 Regular Price RM3,300.00
  8. ROBAM Professional LCD 60L Built-In Oven R312
    Special Price RM3,899.00 Regular Price RM6,888.00
7.7 small appliances 7.7 small appliances
  1. Panasonic Iron PSN-NI415EWT
    Special Price RM89.00 Regular Price RM90.00
  2. Pansonic 4.0L Electric Thermo Pot PSN-NCEG4000
    Special Price RM368.00 Regular Price RM379.00
  3. Faber 3.2L Air Fryer FAF1180
    Special Price RM269.00 Regular Price RM335.00
  4. Panasonic Juice Extractor PSN-MJ70M
    Special Price RM219.00 Regular Price RM229.00
  5. Kenwood 0.5L Travel Kettle KNW-JKP250
    Special Price RM124.00 Regular Price RM139.00
  6. Tefal Home Chef Smart Cooker CY601D
    Special Price RM479.00 Regular Price RM659.00
  7. Khind 1L Jar Rice Cooker KHN-RC110MPW
    Special Price RM279.00 Regular Price RM343.00
  8. Panasonic 1.8L Jar Rice Cooker PSN-SRDF181
    Special Price RM291.00 Regular Price RM305.00
  9. Pensonic 1L Slow Cooker PEN-PSC101
    Special Price RM74.00 Regular Price RM94.00
  10. Elba 5.0L Thermo Pot ELB-ETPF5018BR
    85% of 100
    Special Price RM162.00 Regular Price RM200.00
  11. Elba Electric Kettle with UK Strix ® thermostat ELB-EKA5011SS
    Special Price RM143.00 Regular Price RM168.00
  12. Midea 16 Inch Table Fan MID-MF16FT17NB
    Special Price RM109.00 Regular Price RM139.00
  13. Rubine Vento 53-Inch Decorative Ceiling Fan (Oil Brown) RCF-VENTO53-5B-OB
    100% of 100
    Special Price RM378.00 Regular Price RM398.00
  14. Midea Stand Fan 2 in 1 Adjustable MF-16FS18C-BK Black
    Special Price RM153.00 Regular Price RM179.00
  15. Sharp Air Purifier SHP-FPJ40LW
    Special Price RM899.00 Regular Price RM1,049.00
  16. Tefal Mini 0.5L Rice Cooker RK5001
    Special Price RM228.00 Regular Price RM339.00
  17. Tefal 0.7L Rice Cooker RK6011
    Special Price RM278.00 Regular Price RM359.00
  18. Tefal 2.0L Glass Jar Power Blender TEF-BL4361
    Special Price RM259.00 Regular Price RM309.00
  19. Tefal Juicer Frutelia Metal ZE420
    Special Price RM223.00 Regular Price RM349.00
  20. Tefal 600W Optitouch Hand Blender TEF-HB8338
    Special Price RM229.00 Regular Price RM319.00
  21. Tefal Safe'tea 1.7L Kettle TEF-KO2608
    Special Price RM186.00 Regular Price RM269.00
  22. Tefal 0.8L Juice& Clean ZC420
    Special Price RM629.00 Regular Price RM779.00
  23. Tefal IH2108 Everyday Slim Induction Hob
    Special Price RM349.00 Regular Price RM419.00
  24. Tefal Express Induction Hob TEF-IH7208
    Special Price RM239.00 Regular Price RM349.00
  25. Tefal Home Chef Smart IH Pro Cooker CY638D
    Special Price RM999.00 Regular Price RM1,439.00
  26. Tefal Home Chef Smart Pro Cooker CY625D
    Special Price RM699.00 Regular Price RM969.00
  27. Philips Viva Collection Compact Food Processor HR7320/11
    Special Price RM349.00 Regular Price RM425.00
  28. Philips 1.2L Daily Collection Kettle PLP-HD9303/03
    Special Price RM95.00 Regular Price RM127.00
  29. Philips Pressure Cooker PLP-HD2139
    100% of 100
    Special Price RM384.00 Regular Price RM565.00
  30. Philips 7.3L Premium Airfryer XXL PLP-HD9860/99
    Special Price RM1,796.00 Regular Price RM1,799.00
  31. Philips 6L Pressure Cooker HD2137
    20% of 100
    Special Price RM589.00 Regular Price RM753.00
  32. Philips Series 1000 Body Groomer PLP-BG1024
    Special Price RM99.00 Regular Price RM129.00
  33. Philips Ladyshave Shaver PLP-HP6341
    Special Price RM91.00 Regular Price RM99.00
  34. Philips Multigroom Series 3000 8-in-1 Trimmer PLP-MG3730
    Special Price RM190.00 Regular Price RM199.00
  35. Philips Hair Dryer PLP-HPS910
    Special Price RM269.00 Regular Price RM299.00
  36. Philips StyleCare Multi-Styler PLP-BHH822
    Special Price RM249.00 Regular Price RM269.00
  37. Philips Electric Shaver PLP-PQ206
    Special Price RM75.00 Regular Price RM89.00
  38. Tefal Garment Steamer Pro Style TEF-IT3420
    Special Price RM331.00 Regular Price RM399.00
  39. Tefal Express Compact Steam Generator SV7112
    Special Price RM574.00 Regular Price RM999.00